Pesto Rosso


Pesto Rosso has always been one of my favourites, and this recipe is very easy, very quick and extremely delicious. If you put it in a glass it will last you two weeks in the fridge, making it a very diverse perfect I’m-not-in-the-mood-to-cook-today yet self-made sauce, or an exquisite dip to enjoy with a nice piece of chiabatta as an amuse-gueule.

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Mousse au Chocolat


I got this yummy recipe ages ago from my Mom. It’s an all-time classic, and very versatile. You can bring a whole bowl of it to a party, be it a children’s birthday party or something more sophisticated. You do need some amount of foresight though, because the mousse must be prepared the day before. Continue reading

Oriental Bread Salad (Fattoush)


So, normally you wouldn’t expect a boring salad on a blog that has dedicated itself to delicious recipes. Even though I like to eat the occasional salad, we all have to admit that refreshing as they may be, salads aren’t exactly the most exciting kind of meal. This salad is an exception. It is pure deliciousness, and if you bring it to a please-bring-a-salad kind of barbecue, it will make you the star of said barbecue. Continue reading