Lemon Mint Risotto


A delicious Risotto perfect for warm summer evenings or, in small portions, as a first or second course  in a full course dinner. The appeal of this meal lies in its simplicity, as it is fairly easy to make.

Here’s what you need:

– 375g of Risotto rice (do not use rice intended for rice pudding, or you will end up with a not-so-great consistency)

– 200ml Vermouth (for example Noilly Prat)

– 200ml dry white wine

– 0.9 – 1l broth

– 2 shallots, finely minced

– 50g butter

– grated peel of one organic lemon

– 100-150g Parmesan, finely grated

– leaves of 6-8 stems of mint, roughly chopped

– a bit of cream

– lemon pepper

– sea salt


Here’s what you do:

– melt the butter in a pot and sweat the shallots until they are translucent. Pour in the rice and also let it sweat. You might have to add some olive oil.

– Deglaze with vermouth


– let it boil down before you add the wine. Don’t forget to stir the rice, so it doesn’t stick to the pot


– let the wine boil down, and bit by bit add the broth, always letting it boil down in between until it gets about this consistency:


when all the broth is added, the risotto should look like this:


– add the lemon peel, parmesan and mint and stir thoroughly

– season with sea salt and lemon pepper


– add some cream if you want to. The consistency should be somewhat like lava. If it seems a little too much on the liquid side, don’t worry, the consistency gets a little stickier on the plate

– serve on hot plates and with a nice white wine. Enjoy!


Get this recipe’s printable pdf version here: Lemon Mint Risotto

Deutsche Version dieses Rezepts als pdf Datei hier: Zitronen Minz Risotto


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